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Maegan Heil spent her childhood searching for quarters between the seats of her family’s small-town movie theater. All that time around the silver screen sparked a love for story and the delusional fantasy that she too could one day become a writer! 


Maegan work-studied her way through college at the University of Michigan, where she earned a BA in English, barely. Twenty years later (yikes!), Maegan is still not using that degree. 


By day, Maegan runs a carpentry company with her husband and mothers two beautiful boys, ages one and three (send help!). 


By night, Maegan pens FRESH MEAT, stories for the chopping block. Her writing has been described as, "edgy, dark and deranged," and has been featured on Chuck Palahniuk's Plot Spoiler.  

As for the traditional market, Maegan hasn’t published jack. But her commitment to making each story better than the last (along with the help of all you agents out there reading this—wink, wink) will soon change that. 

Maegan's full name rhymes with Reagan Trial. Or bacon bile.

Bios are not her strength. 

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